Stanford Text Technologies

Elaine Treharne, Ruth Ahnert, and Roopika Risam, series editors
Erica Wetter, SUP editor

Among the most important and dynamic areas of scholarship and general public engagement in the last decade are the History of the Book and Digital Humanities. The Text Technologies series seeks ambitious and innovative research at the intersection of these two flourishing areas. Emerging from the Stanford project of the same name (, this series aspires to chart the long history of text—in its most capacious definition, from the earliest cave paintings to scrolls to books to computer code—on a technological continuum. Books in this series are concerned with manuscript and print media, including inscription, photography, graffiti, books, tattoo, textual ephemera, and trends in text technological developments generally, with a particular focus on today’s digital environment.

Editorial Board: Benjamin Albritton, Caroline Bassett, Lori Emerson, Alan Liu, Elena Pierazzo, Andrew Prescott, Matthew Rubery, Kate Sweetapple, Heather Wolfe