Encountering Traditions

Rumee Ahmed, Randi Rashkover, Jonathan Tran, series editors

Rapid globalization and portents of a post-secular age are driving unprecedented encounters within and between traditions. Encountering Traditions seeks to capture this wave of creativity by offering authors a venue to speak unapologetically from any one of the Abrahamic scriptural traditions and beyond. Books in this series explore topics that should interest a broad readership as well as specialists. They highlight the dynamism of encounters between traditions--religious as well as secular, mainstream as well as marginal. Drawing on a rich heritage of scholarly disciplines, they are attentive both to tradition and to social and historical context.

Encountering Traditions seeks to show the multiple ways that the energies of faith and reason, texts and history enhance our life worlds through creative scholarship. Topics that further this goal include inter-religious encounters between and within scriptural texts; modes and habits of thinking within and between traditions; how traditions encounter pressing concerns of poverty, health and the environment; interactions among disciplines of text scholarship, theology, history and critical thought; interactions among contemporary practices of scriptural exegesis, social and congregational life; and, legal or narrative theological reasoning.

Note: This series is closed.